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                                                 Rental EPC for landlords

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  • Rentals / lettings with new tenancy agreements must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate.



  • Arrange your EPC with just one phone call or email.


  • Certificate usually available online within 24 hours of the survey.



  • Valid for 10 years for rental properties, and renewal only required after that time.



  • 1 to 4 bed properties £70* (all-in), discounts up to 25% for multiple orders.



  • Experienced local Energy Assessor providing prompt, polite, professional service at a very competitive price.



  • If questions crop up I will deal with them personally. They will be handled quickly and courteously, with no waiting for a helpline assistant to speak to you.



  • CRB vetted, Elmhurst accredited, & fully insured. An efficient, locally-based service you can rely on.




You will be aware that EEC regulations require an Energy Performance Certificate to be made available to prospective tenants for all new tenancy agreements from 1 October 2008. Whilst any new regulation is generally seen in a negative light this change does not need to be a great burden to the landlord. And with minimal costs and 10 year validity there is no significant financial consequence.


All you need to do is make one phone call, we will do the rest.


Stuart Shircore

Domestic Energy Assessor


Accreditation No. EES/001207


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Please click here to go to our resources page where you will find a link to the government website for details of their reasoning behind the introduction of EPCs and the legal requirements for landlords, vendors and agents.,,

* Any property built 1900 onwards. Pre 1900 build, add £10.